superraiee: Respect the Philippines Bieber


I get that Bieber’s only stating his opinion but, dude you’re a public figure. Do you know what that means? What you say will surely cause people something. You prolly know that you can’t please everybody but you should also know you shouldn’t do something that would humiliate anybody. You should…

Yung umabsent ka ng isang beses tapos di ka na makasunod sa klase

Getting more personal with my tumblr

  • When Normal Girls Laugh: They just have a soft cute little giggle
  • When I Laugh: I make Whale noises, fall on the ground, clap my hands really hard, scrunch my nose and squint my eyes.
Buti pa ang Paranaque may BF

Badtrip talaga kasi eh. Kung ibang mga lalake yun siguro ayos lang pero tangina mga kaibigan ko ‘yun ‘tas iniisa isa mo. Ano sila free taste?? Ang landi amputek.